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Korg Keyboard Repair

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Korg Keyboards

The Korg Corporation manufactures a range of electronic musical instruments and the Korg keyboard is one of the most favored keyboards in the music industry in countries all over the world. However, even such state-of-the-art equipment, like the Korg keyboard will, at some stage, require repair and Digitron Electronics is an authorized service agent for the Korg range of electronic musical instruments and our company can offer the guarantee that the Korg keyboard repair will be carried out professionally. Our company began offering audio and video repairs in the early 1990’s and soon after, we were approached by a number of top manufacturers, such as Korg, Panasonic and Sony, to offer factory repairs and serve as after-sales repair agents. In addition to our ability to offer the Korg keyboard repair, we can repair video and audio equipment from other top manufacturers, which include the likes of Peavey, Otari, Guild, Neumann, QSC, Soundcraft, Tascam, Vox and TEAC to name a few.

Common Issues and Repairs

Digitron Electronics can also repair and refurbish other brands which are not listed on our website, should the product be out of the manufacturer’s warranty. Feel free to find out more via our website, Once a Korg keyboard repair is undertaken, we offer our customers the assurance that our repair philosophy goes a lot further than simply resolving the problem, as once the Korg keyboard repair has been done, we offer the assurance that all Korg keyboards which leave our premises will function as good as new. The Korg keyboard will be repaired to its original factory specifications. The bench technician who is tasked with the Korg keyboard repair is an electronic engineer and as such, has a clear understanding of the digital and analog circuitry and our innovative and state-of-the-art repair services have allowed Digitron Electronics to set the standards for the Korg keyboard repair. Our repair work is fast and accurate and to this end, we are the preferred repairer of choice for a number of companies, such as Sony Professional, Panasonic Broadcast, Fox Sports, Teac, Pro-HD Rentals and Walt Disney Animation.

About Digitron Electronics

In addition to Korg keyboard repair, we offer repairs to a number of other professional musical instruments, such as guitar pedals, rack mount midi equipment, synthesizers, sound processors, electronic drum machines, amplifiers and electric pianos. To view a breakdown of the rates which are charged for the Korg keyboard repair, take a moment to browse the Digitron Electronics website. Our professional video repairs services include studio cameras, DVCPro and DVCam, Mini DV camcorders and editing VTRs, while our audio repairs services cover equipment such as mixing consoles, power amps and open reels, to name a few. Allow Digitron Electronics to be your first choice in Korg keyboard repair, and enjoy the benefits of dealing with a professional in audio and video repair that has raised the bar for other audio and video repair companies.