Guitar Amp Repair

Authorized Service Center for Marshall, Fender, & More

Guitar Amplifier Repair

Digitron Electronics is an authorized service center for many different brands of power, guitar, and home theater amplifier including Mackie, QSC, Crest, Samson, Line 6, Marshall, Peavey, Fender, and more. 

Power Supply Failure

Power amplifiers have one job, to amplify signal with power.  Any power failure or power surge can cause failure in the amplifier.

Blown & Noisy Channels

Overloading channels can cause distortion and signal degradation over time.  Most users move on to the next channel when one goes bad, but when you’ve run out of functional channels, its time to get the board services

Damaged Input Jacks

Users can accidentally damage the Analog jacks.  Known as the interface, replacing one of these is a pretty common job and will fix any communication issues between the amps, inputs, and speakers

Broken Knobs

Broken knobs from physical damage or overuse are a common issue

Main Board Replacement

Power Amplifiers can suffer from main board failure.  Our team can quickly diagnose the bad module and replace it

Tube and Capacitor Replacement

Older guitar amplifiers and home theater amplifiers have many analog components including vacuum tubes and capacitors that need to be refurbished and maintained

Fender Amp Repair


Guitar Amplifier Repair

Whether new or vintage, we repair guitar amplifiers by Fender, Marshall, Washburn, and many more including any tube amps

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