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usic Festivals and their impact on Pro A/V Equipment

Coachella’s Effect On Your A/V Equipment

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Challenging Conditions

A/V and Event Pros are no strangers to the world of music festivals, raves, and other multi-stage venues. But one of the main challenges associated with large venues are their obscure locations. Black Rock City for Burning Man, Las Vegas Speed Way for Electric Daisy Carnival, and Coachella Valley for Coachella – all of these cities are known for their dry and dusty conditions, which we know is hell on A/V equipment. Rumors have it that Coachella Week 1 saw winds in excess of 50 MPH kicking up a dust storm which can damage camera, projector, lighting, and audio equipment.

Protecting Your Equipment

When it comes to camera and imaging equipment, proactive approaches are always best when maintaining the health of your equipment. SLR cameras like the Canon 5D and C300 are some of the most sensitive to dust leaks despite their weather seals. We recommend using a rain guard like the Ruggard RC-P18 Rain Cover as a first line of defense against the elements. Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras such as Panasonic’s AW and AK series cameras should also have their mechanical sections shielded from harsh conditions. When users can’t afford the rugged AW-PH650, it is imperative that they use equipment to protect their PTZ systems. We frequently see damaged AW-PH405’s and AW-PH360N’s suffering from dust or humidity damage that affects the mechanical sections. Just like pan and tilt camera systems, lighting equipment like Elation’s Moving Head or Martin’s MAC Moving Head is susceptible to dust damage in the motor assembly.

Regular Maintenance

Dust can get inside camera assemblies, lens assemblies, and viewfinders, affecting the quality of your productions. By performing preventative maintenance and cleaning after every festival, you can ensure the health and longevity of your equipment. This also applies to audio equipment, where dust can affect speaker and amplifier connectors, causing shorts.

How Dust Affects Your High-Lumen Projectors

Dust is the number one enemy for projection equipment. It can clog cooling channels, leading to power supply and ballast failure. This in turn can cause damage to the optical block. Dust is also know to affect and discolor the polarizing plates. It is always better to spend a few hundred dollars on a cleaning, than to spend a few thousand dollars on a new optical block.

Specials on Preventative Maintenance

Digitron Electronics has been in the business of Pro A/V Repairs and Cleaning since 1992. We frequently repair Panasonic, Sony, and Canon camcorder equipment and we are experts with Panasonic, Sanyo, and other high-lumen projector repair. Mention this article and we will waive the estimate deposit on SLR and Lens Cleaning, Video Camcorder Cleaning, and Projector Cleaning.

Repair… or Repurchase?

By Audio Repairs, Camera Repairs, Projector Repair, Video Repairs

Is it more cost-effective to repurchase?

A/V Trends

The A/V industry has changed dramatically over the last 22 years that we have been in business. Build quality of A/V technology has dropped dramatically, while features and affordability have climbed dramatically. Some of the interesting demographic trends we have noticed, are that the older generation of users, will seek out repairs, while the newer generation heads straight for replacement. Here are our thoughts:

Efficiency is Key

If the cost of repair exceeds 50% of the cost of replacing your unit with the same, or newer model, it is usually a safe bet to upgrade. You will get all the new features, with the added safety of a new manufacturer’s warranty. If the total cost of your unit is less than $199, it’s a safe bet that replacement will always be more efficient than repair.

Consumer models of camcorder, projector, and audio equipment are really never worth repairing. A great example with projector repair: repairing the Optoma HD20’s commonly sold at Costco cost approximately $600 new. The parts alone for repairing image discoloration are approximately $200. As you can see, with any labor costs, the cost of repair is more than 50% the cost of replacement.

The Opposite is Also True

If you have a high-brightness projector like the Sanyo PLC-XF46N that is used for business presentations or entertainment productions, then the answer is a resilient YES! You should fix it. Capital investments in high quality microphones, projectors, and camcorders are certainly worth the cost of the repair.

Preventative Maintenance

With fewer analog parts, many A/V equipment owners have forgotten that their units require regular preventative maintenance. Projectors need to be cleaned to prevent power issues. Camcorders need to be realigned and calibrated to guarantee quality color reproduction, and mics need to be maintained to guarantee high quality sound reproduction. Reduce the cost of pro A/V equipment repair by creating a strict Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Extended Warranties

Consider reducing the cost of total ownership with extended warranties from providers like Banker’s Warranty Group and Mack Camera Warranty

About Digitron Electronics

We are a consolidated repair services firm specializing in the repair of Professional Audio Video Repair. We frequently work with production companies like Encore Productions, broadcasters, and integrators, to repair and maintain projector, camcorder, broadcast, and pro audio equipment. We are also a third party logistics company helping support brands like Panasonic Broadcast, Sony Professional, and Tascam in their QA, Repairs, and Tech Support needs.

Technical Bulletin: Tascam DR Series Power Issue

By Audio Repairs

The Tascam DR Series Power/HOLD Issue

If you are having issues with your Tascam DR-05, DR-07, DR-40, Dr-60, and DR-100 Models, check to make sure that the HOLD button on the side of the unit has been switched into the correct position. If you are still having issues with these models, contact Teac and Tascam Factory Service at (323) 477-1331.

Smart Design

The Tascam DR Series models are designed as portable audio recorders. The portability of these units leads to abusive situations that could accidentally trigger a recording or erasure that could be irrecoverable. The hold button on the DR Series Recorders is designed for your safety!

Tascam DR-40 Repair

Korg Keyboard Repair

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Korg Keyboards

The Korg Corporation manufactures a range of electronic musical instruments and the Korg keyboard is one of the most favored keyboards in the music industry in countries all over the world. However, even such state-of-the-art equipment, like the Korg keyboard will, at some stage, require repair and Digitron Electronics is an authorized service agent for the Korg range of electronic musical instruments and our company can offer the guarantee that the Korg keyboard repair will be carried out professionally. Our company began offering audio and video repairs in the early 1990’s and soon after, we were approached by a number of top manufacturers, such as Korg, Panasonic and Sony, to offer factory repairs and serve as after-sales repair agents. In addition to our ability to offer the Korg keyboard repair, we can repair video and audio equipment from other top manufacturers, which include the likes of Peavey, Otari, Guild, Neumann, QSC, Soundcraft, Tascam, Vox and TEAC to name a few.

Common Issues and Repairs

Digitron Electronics can also repair and refurbish other brands which are not listed on our website, should the product be out of the manufacturer’s warranty. Feel free to find out more via our website, Once a Korg keyboard repair is undertaken, we offer our customers the assurance that our repair philosophy goes a lot further than simply resolving the problem, as once the Korg keyboard repair has been done, we offer the assurance that all Korg keyboards which leave our premises will function as good as new. The Korg keyboard will be repaired to its original factory specifications. The bench technician who is tasked with the Korg keyboard repair is an electronic engineer and as such, has a clear understanding of the digital and analog circuitry and our innovative and state-of-the-art repair services have allowed Digitron Electronics to set the standards for the Korg keyboard repair. Our repair work is fast and accurate and to this end, we are the preferred repairer of choice for a number of companies, such as Sony Professional, Panasonic Broadcast, Fox Sports, Teac, Pro-HD Rentals and Walt Disney Animation.

About Digitron Electronics

In addition to Korg keyboard repair, we offer repairs to a number of other professional musical instruments, such as guitar pedals, rack mount midi equipment, synthesizers, sound processors, electronic drum machines, amplifiers and electric pianos. To view a breakdown of the rates which are charged for the Korg keyboard repair, take a moment to browse the Digitron Electronics website. Our professional video repairs services include studio cameras, DVCPro and DVCam, Mini DV camcorders and editing VTRs, while our audio repairs services cover equipment such as mixing consoles, power amps and open reels, to name a few. Allow Digitron Electronics to be your first choice in Korg keyboard repair, and enjoy the benefits of dealing with a professional in audio and video repair that has raised the bar for other audio and video repair companies.

Mackie Repair

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Power Amplifier and Audio Equipment Repair

Digitron Electronics’ professional audio and video repair services are more than able to meet the needs of electronic equipment manufacturers, distributors, dealers and regular consumers. When tasked with a repair, we offer the guarantee of the best rates, superior quality repairs and we are able to carry out repairs on most brands of audio and video equipment. Digitron Electronics, a repair company based in Montebello, CA, is a repair agent, authorized to carry out Mackie repairs, as well as Korg, JBL, HHB, Fender, Carver, Crest, Ross, Samson, Sony, Roland, Parker, Guild and Jackson, to name but a few. Our Mackie repair covers the Mackie products, such as loudspeakers, amplifiers, and several studio recording equipment, such as high resolution studio monitors. In addition, the Mackie repairs which Digitron Electronic offers is on Mackie equipment, which include mixers and stereo-powered amplifiers. Digitron Electronics was established almost two decades ago, and over the last twenty years, our company has grown to become one of the largest, independent audio and video repair companies on the West Coast.

About Digitron Electronics

When the company fist began in 1991, we were involved in the repair of sound processes, multi-track records, video cameras and recorders and our company’s success leads to well-known manufacturers, such as Mackie, Panasonic, Roland and Sony, approaching Digitron Electronics to request that we handle the factory repairs and modifications for their equipment. To skillfully carry out a Mackie repair, our appointed bench technicians are electronic engineers and they have a vast knowledge and a good understanding of the complex analog and digital circuitry, which is a necessity to handle a Mackie repair, or a repair on any other of the audio and video equipment. To view our rates for the Mackie repair, feel free to visit the Digitron Electronics website, The equipment which is repaired under the banner of Digitron Electronics includes open reels, power amps, multi-track analog and digital recorders, speakers, sound processors, CD recorders, DAT machines, signal mixers and HDD and MD Recorders.

Track Record of Succesful A/V Repairs

Several of our customers who have experienced our knowledge with the Mackie repair have posted testimonials on our website, and here, the online user is given the chance to find out about our first-rate repair services, reasonable rates and professionalism, which have allowed a Mackie repair to be carried out accurately. While browsing our website to learn more about our Mackie repair services, the internet visitor may view the repair rates and also view the list of manufacturers for which Digitron Electronics is an authorized repairer. Other than offering Mackie repair services, our customers can also purchase refurbished equipment from well-known manufacturers, at greatly reduced prices, so feel free to view our refurbished equipment sales list posted on our site. For more information on Mackie repair, email [email protected]. Mackie is a US brand and it is a brand which is preferred by professional recording artists. Allow a leading service agency, such as Digitron Electronics, to handle all Mackie repairs and enjoy the best rates and the best service.