Panasonic PTZ Camera System Repairs

We are the only 3rd party authorized service center for Panasonic PTZ systems.

Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera Repair

Digitron Electronics specializes in the repair of robotic pan, tilt, and zoom camera systems.  Our technical experience started in 2002, when we sent our engineers to Yokohama, Japan to train at the Panasonic factory to repair AW and AK series PTZ systems.  Based on our experience, Pan and Tilt robotic cameras can suffer from power issues, mechanical issues, image issues, and control interface issues.  Whether your PTZ camera system is suffering from mechanical failure, the image is discolored and needs a new CCD block, Prism Assembly, a Lens, or PC Board, we can help.  We work on all components in the PTZ system including PTZ control units, external housings and enclosures, and video storage units.  We are the only independent authorized service center for Panasonic, and we also repair Pan Tilt Zoom cameras from Pelco, Axis Communications, Moog, Vaddio, Sony, Canon, and JVC.  We service both broadcast type PTZ cameras, as well as security and IP PTZ cameras.  Some repairs will be too expensive according to the manufacturer, but we have ways to acquire parts for significantly less, taking down the cost of camcorder repair.

Factory Service

We work with both Panasonic and Sony as a repairs subcontractor.  Because of our relationships, we have access to service manuals, parts, and diagnostic equipment that the other guys don’t.  No one in the US repairs more Sony and Panasonic camcorders than we do.

Your PTZ system Needs Maintenance!

PTZ camera systems are designed for use in challenging conditions, but because of their moving mechanical parts, they require maintenance to clean the dust and lubricate the components including the delicate gearbox.  Failure to do so may result in a damaged weather seal, poor pan and tilt functionality, or overall component failure.

Institutional Relationships

We frequently work with universities, colleges, school districts, non-profits, churches, and other corporate entities to do large cleaning and refurbishment projects.  If you have more than 10 camcorders that need cleaning or repair, please let us know, as we are one of only a few national facilities capable of handling large quantity orders in a timely fashion.

Discolored Image

Projector image discoloration is one of the most common issues on camcorder repairs.  If your camcorder shows a yellow, red, purple, or blue tint along all or part of your image, it needs to be professionally serviced.  A discolored image means that there is an issue with the CMOS, CCD Block, or Prism Assembly. If caught early, this repair only requires cleaning, labor, and recallibration of the optical sensor.  In most cases this repair requires replacement of the sensor.

Dust, Specks, Lines and Dark Spots on Camcorder Image

Camcorders require cleaning and maintenance.  Failure to do so on an annual or semi-annual basis can lead to dust within the optical section which will show up as dots or specks on your recorded image.  If the dots are a tinted color or hue, this means that the dust has settled on the sensor, which means that the sensor needs to be cleaned.  Less commonly, this could also be a result of a damaged sensor chip (from being dropped or otherwise).

Lasers were Pointed at Camera

If your camcorder was pointed into a laser beam during an event, it is likely that the CMOS or CCD blocks were burned. If you believe your picture has been affected by this, you will need to replace the optical sensor.  See here for an example.

PTZ Camera, Head, Controller, or Recorder Won’t Power On

If your PTZ system unexpectedly shuts off, won’t power on, or acts up intermittently, there may be an issue with the power supply, battery, or main board. In some cases, there may be damage to the internal circuit boards.  This repair will involve pinpointing the cause of the problem and this is not a user serviceable repair.

Cameras Don’t Respond to Controller or Monitors

The issue could be either software or hardware. Try switching to a different input, for example, use your monitor or laptop to plug into the SDI or HDMI port you previously were not using. Make sure that your system is properly configured and is on the right mode.  If you have confirmed that hardware or software is the cause of your input issue, it is likely that the interface board on either the camera body, head, controller, or monitor may need replacement.

Damaged PTZ Camera Housing

PTZ systems designed for outdoor use are often contained in a special enclosure.  This enclosure, if improperly loaded with too much weight, or improperly maintained, can crack, exposing the delicate internal electronics.  It is important to repair this immediately to prevent further damage to the internal components.

Preventative Maintenance for your PTZ Camera system

Preventative Maintenance will increase the lifetime of your expensive PTZ system.

We Repair All Brands of PTZ Cameras, Heads, & Controllers

Panasonic Broadcast PTZ

Panasonic Security PTZ

Sony PTZ

Pelco PTZ

Axis PTZ

Vaddio PTZ

Canon PTZ