Professional Audio Repair
& Integration

With over 100,000 repairs under our belt, we know Audio products.
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Pro Audio Repairs

We’re repaired a lot of pro A/V gear, in fact we’ve repaired over 100,000 since 1992.  Click on the items below for repair specifics or give us a call with any questions (323)887-0777.

Speaker & Subwoofer Repair

Our Venue Services Team works with both large venue speaker setups, as well as with in studio, high quality reproduction studio monitors. Click here for Speaker Repair

Mixing Board Repair

We’ve repaired mixers of all channel sizes and all makes. We proudly repair mixing boards by Mackie, Soundcraft, Allen & Heath, and Yamaha. Click here for Audio Mixer Repair

Microphone Repair

Microphones are a sensitive piece of equipment that need constant care and maintenance. If your mic is having problems, feel free to bring it in for an estimate.

Keyboard Repair

We service and repair Korg, Roland, Kurzweil, Novation, and Yamaha Keyboards suffering from sticky keys, display, or sound issues.  Click here for Keyboard Repair

Power Amplifier Repair

We repair all brands of power amplifiers used by passive speakers including Mackie, Crest, & QSC. Click here for Power Amp Repair  

CDJ Repair

CDJ’s, DJ Mixers, and other DJ products from Pioneer, Rane, & Numark that have been dropped or spilled on are common repairs. Click here for CDJ Repair

Guitar Amp  Repair

We are an authorized service center for Marshall, Fender, & Roland amps.  Fully capable of restoring your old tube amp to functionality.  Click here for Guitar Amplifier Repair

Vintage Gear Repair

We are the only shop left standing that frequently repairs Reel to Reel Machines, vintage synthesizers, analog mixers, & tube amplifiers.

Receiver Repair

For rooms running standard home theater receivers, we service those units too.  Click here for Home Theater Receiver Repair

Stage Light & DMX Repair

Heavy lighting units from Elation, Clay-Pakey, High End Systems, Martin, & other have mechanical and electronic components that go bad with sustained use.  Click here for Stage Light Repair & DMX Repair

Why Buy from Us?

Simplify Repairs & Warranty Claims

Digitron A/V is the largest service center of pro A/V equipment in the US. When equipment comes to us for repair, we fix it in house. And chances are the equipment that you bought from some other integrator will come to us for repair. Don’t worry about lost receipts for warranty claims, when you buy from us, you buy Peace of Mind. We sell all pro Audio/Visual brands we service including JBL, AKG, Martin, Soundcraft, & more.

Custom Pricing & Extended Warranties

We custom tailor every order to make sure we maximize the value for you as customer. Free extended warranties, bulk pricing, and free pickup/delivery are all part of the package.

Trust In Knowledge

We have repaired over 100,000 pro A/V units including mixing consoles, stage lights, microphones, speakers, camera systems, & projectors.  We know these systems inside and out and can provide technical suppot.