Panasonic Camcorder Repair

California's Only Authorized Service Center for Panasonic Broadcast Camcorders

Panasonic Camcorder Repair

Digitron Electronics is the primary West Coast repairs partner for Panasonic Broadcast.  We work with the whole range of camcorders from Panasonic AG-DVX100 Repair to the newest Panasonic HPX2000 Repair.  We repair all Panasonic formats including DV, AVCHD, P2, Varicam, AVC-Ultra, and AVCCAM camcorders

Dusty Image

Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain Panasonic camcorders, and to prevent dust and debris image distortion. We offer a flat fee cleaning and realignment to factory specs for a fixed fee

No Power & Digital Artifacts

Cameras with blue screens, image distortion, or no power are likely suffering from PC Board failure or power supply failure.  Since we work on a large number of Panasonic camcorders every month, we are able to use functional pc boards to swap out and test for bad components, speeding up turnaround time and repair accuracy

Discoloration & Spots on Image

Discoloration & Spots on Image are indicative of CCD failure. Sometimes called the prism assembly, don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that this is a cleaning issue. CCD Block/Prism Assembly Replacement require calibration after replacement and can only be done with the proper software and tools. As a repair partner for Panasonic Broadcast products, we have exclusive access to these utilities

Display & Viewfinder Issues

Displays and Viewfinders can suffer component or mechanical damage.  Physical damage from abuse, or displays that won’t power on need to be replaced with original replacement parts and then need to be calibrated

Physical Damage

Cameras in use are always at risk of drops and spills and lens damage… We often service particularly abused units that are used in dusty, desert conditions, and we can certainly service yours.  If you have been filming color runs, music festivals, or ragers like Burning Man, chances are that your Sony camcorder needs cleaning, repair, and Tender Love & Care

Damaged Input & Output Jacks

Forced cable entry into xlr jacks, broken card readers, exposure to elements, and regular breakdown can all affect the functionality of audio & video input/output jacks


Panasonic AG-AC AVCCAM Repair

We repair all the newest AVCCAM models, both in and out of warranty including the AG-AC8,  AG-AC90, AG-AC130, & AG-AC160 camcorders

Panasonic AG-AC-130 Repair

AJ-HPX2000 Repair


P2 AG-HPX Repair, AJ-PX Repair, & AJ-HPX Repair

Digitron Electronics is an authorized service center for bothe handheld and shoulder mounted P2 Solid-State camcorders.  We repair the AG-HPX170, AG-HPX250, AG-HPX255, AG-HPX370, AG-HPX500, AG-HPX600, AJ-HPX2000, AJ-HPX3100, AJ-HPX3100


Panasonic AG-HMC & AG-AF100A AVCCAM Repair

We service all AG-HMC camcorders including the AG-HMC80, AG-HMC 150, & the AG-HMC40 which is notorious for it’s power button failure

AG-HMC Repair

AG DVX and AG HVX repair


Panasonic AG-DVX100, AG-HVX200, & Other Older Model Repair

A large number of users still depend on their older tape camcorder systems as part of their video workflow.  When we first joined the Panasonic Service Team in the early 2000’s, we repaired dozens of DVX100 and HVX200 cameras a week.


Panasonic Pan, Tilt, & Zoom Repair

Our technicians were trained by Panasonic in Yokohama, Japan to repair the complex PTZ AW systems.  Click here for Panasonic Pan, Tilt, Zoom Repair

AW-HE120 Repair