Panasonic PTZ Camera System Repairs

We are the only 3rd party authorized service center for Panasonic PTZ systems.

Panasonic PTZ Camera, Head, Controller Repair

Digitron Electronics is the only authorized independent service center for Panasonic PTZ products including the AW-HE50, AW-HE60, AW-HE120, and AW-PH360N.  Our engineers were factory trained by Panasonic in Yokohama, Japan on the PTZ systems in 2002.  Whether in or out of warranty, we repair all Pan Tilt Zoom components including the camera,  the head, and the remote.  Our rates are extremely favorable compared to the competition and we are a national service center with customers all across the US & Canada

Mechanical Failure

There are many mechanical parts in the moving PTZ Head.  Gearbox failure, zoom ring failure, and motor failure can happen as a result of regular breakdown or poor maintenance.  If you find that camera movement is unresponsive, slow, or sticky in your robotic camera system, mechanical failure is to blame

Functional Issues

Just like any modern camera system, the Panasonic PTZ line of cameras integrates numerous PC components that can go bad.  Failure in one of these components requires board replacement and can be difficult to diagnose for the inexperienced

Damaged Input/Output Jacks

When exposed to environmental conditions, the input/output jacks on the back of the head or camera can go bad due to corrosion or humidity.  If you continue to use the system with known corrosion, this could lead to main board failure, or can damage your other peripherals like the camera head, the actual camera, or the PTZ controller

Unit Won’t Power On

A power surge or clogged cooling channels can overload or damage the power supply.  If any part of your Panasonic PTZ system is unresponsive, it may be indicative of a power supply failure or PC board failure

Physical Damaged PTZ

Since these cameras are always deployed in the field, they can be exposed to environmental conditions, or can experience a fall due to poor installation or transportation.

Overloading the Gearbox

Cameras with detachable lenses are limited to 8.5 pounds total on the AW-PH360N head.  Inexperienced installers can overload the head and cause damage to the gearbox, which will need to be replaced to recover functionality and mobility


Panasonic PTZ Camera Repair

All-in-one PTZ units like the AW-HE50 and AW-HE120 have become the standard for Panasonic studio installations.  We support and repair the AW-HE50, AW-HE60, AW-HE100, and AW-HE120.  We can also repair the AW-HE2

AW-HE120 Repair

Panasonic_AW-PH360n Repair

Panasonic Pan and Tilt Head Repair

The most common point of failure in Panasonic PTZ camera systems is in the Pan and Tilt head.  Gearboxes, motors, and electrical components are liable to fail due to either overuse, poor maintenance, or general breakdown.  For some systems, this is separate from the camera.  We repair Panasonic AW-PH360N, AW-PH400, AW-PH405, and the AW-PH650 in and out of warranty


Panasonic PTZ Camera Unit Repair

Mounted on the PTZ head, the camera unit may require repair and maintenance.  We repair AW-E600, AW-E650, AW-E750, AW-E860, and the HD AW-E870, AK-HC1500G, AK-HC1800G cameras

ak-hc1500g Repair and aw-e650 Repair


AW-RP50 Repair and AW-RP655 Repair

Panasonic PTZ Controller and Remote Repair

The remote controller for the Panasonic AW Pan Tilt Zoom series can go bad in either the buttons & joysticks,  the inputs & outputs, the power supply, or the main board.  We repair the AW-CB400, AW-RP120, AW-RP400, AW-RP50, AW-RP55, and the AW-RP655