CDJ & DJM Repair

Pioneer CDJ & DJM Repair

Digitron has a long history of pro DJ repairs and we’ve repaired hundreds of Pioneer CDJ and DJM units.  Drops, spills, broken knobs, and damaged input outputs, we’ve fixed them all.  We are also an authorized service center for Rane DJ products.

Broken CDJ Sliders, Knobs, Turntables & Buttons

Tactile sliders, knobs, & buttons need cleaning and maintenance.  Aggressive use can lead to damage affecting the functionality of these mechanical features

Blown & Noisy Channels When Playing

Overloading channels can cause distortion and signal degradation over time.  Plugging a hot lead from an amplifier can also destroy the DJM mixer

Damaged Input Jacks

Users can accidentally damage the Analog jacks.  Known as the interface, replacing one of these is a pretty common job and will fix any communication issues between the speakers and inputs

CDJ Won’t Turn On

Mixing boards with power issues might be suffering from damaged power supplies due to failure or power surge.  Diagnosing the cause of the power failure is dangerous and misdiagnosis can cause further damage

Playback Issues, Function Issues, and General CDJ Problems

Modern mixing boards with assignable channels can suffer from main board failure.  Our team can quickly diagnose the bad module and replace it

Liquid Spills on CDJ

Carelessness or humid production environments can lead to board damage.  In a perfect world, you would keep drinks out of the DJ booth, but some guests can be hard to say no to


CDJ and DJM Repair

We are a high volume center for Pioneer CDJ-900 repair, DJM-900 repair, and CDJ-2000 repair to name a few of the models that we work on.  Give us a call and let us know how we can help maintain your DJ equipment

Pioneer CDJ900 repair and Pioneer CDJ2000 repair