Sony Alpha (α) Camera Repair

We now Stock Most Parts - Turnaround Time for Most Repairs in 2 days.

Sony Alpha Camera Repair

Sony Alpha Cameras are a huge hit among professional cinematographers & photographers alike.  Because of our experience with Sony Alpha cameras, we have become a trusted repair partner servicing these cameras using original parts.

As a high volume service center for these units, we have learned how to minimize the total cost of repair & turnaround time.

Unlike other camera repair shops, we only serve Professional Markets & we know how to handle your camera.

When we clean the Sony Alpha camera, we do more than just blow air on the sensor.  We take it apart, piece by piece to make sure that no dust or particles damage the internal circuitry.

Sony Alpha owners seem to test the limits of their cameras – yielding high probability of physical damage from drops and spills, or exposure to harsh conditions, like dust at Burning Man or Coachella, or salt from The Yacht Week.  Whether you need a repair, or preventative maintenance, we are your best resource.

We stock parts, reducing total turnaround time to 2 business days for common issues like shattered LCDs or Camera Error caused by a defective shutter.

Spots on Image

Because of the interchangeable lens system, regular cleaning is necessary to maintain Sony Alpha Cameras, and to prevent dust and debris image distortion. We offer a flat fee cleaning and realignment to factory specs.  We also clean all internal components, not just the sensor

Defective Shutter

The most common point of failure on the Alpha series cameras is a defective shutter.  We have developed a technique to repair this part without replacing in some circumstances, offering a savings of over $700 on some repairs

Discoloration & Spots on Image

Discoloration & Spots on Image are indicative of Sensor failure. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that this is a cleaning issue. Sensor Replacement requires calibration after replacement and can only be done with the proper software and tools. We have exclusive access to these utilities

Display & Viewfinder Issues

Displays and Viewfinders can suffer component or mechanical damage.  Physical damage from abuse, or displays that won’t power on need to be replaced with original replacement parts and then need to be calibrated

Physical Damage

Cameras in use are always at risk of drops and spills and lens damage… We often service particularly abused units that are used in dusty, desert conditions, and we can certainly service yours.  If you have been filming color runs, music festivals, or ragers like Burning Man, chances are that your Sony camcorder needs cleaning, repair, and Tender Love & Care

No Power & Digital Artifacts

Cameras with blue screens, image distortion, or no power are likely suffering from PC Board failure or power supply failure.  Since we work on a large number of Sony cameras every month, we are able to use functional pc boards to swap out and test for bad components, speeding up turnaround time and repair accuracy


International Sony Alpha Repair

We repair Sony Alpha series cameras like the A7S from the four corners of the world.  Because of their light weight, shipping them internationally is a cinch.  We have repaired A7 cameras from Asia, Europe, & Africa.  We commonly repair A7 cameras from Mexico & Canada too.


Sony A7 Series Repair

We repair all models of the mirrorless alpha A7 series including the A7S, A7S ii. A7R, and A7R ii.  These also go by the designation ILCE7 and ILCE7S/B.


Sony Alpha Water Damage

We have seen quite a few Sony A7 series cameras coming to us with corrosion and water damage.  We can repair this at an economical cost, call us to get an estimate.