Keyboard Repair & Maintenance

Keyboard Repair & Maintenance

As an authorized service center for Korg, Roland, Casio, and Yamaha keybords, Digitron Electronics has a strong understanding in all things keyboards.  We repair and maintain keyboards for recording studios, performing artists, producers, and more.  In or out of warranty, give us a call. 

Nonresponsive Stuck Keys

Failure in one or two keys is indicative of looming key failure.  Cleaning or refurbishing the key section is a less expensive job than replacing the whole key section

Broken Buttons

Dirty contacts under the buttons can cause an intermittent switch.  As buttons become non-responsive, users can damage the tact switches by force, which can be avoided with maintenance

Intermittent Output Jacks

Intermittent Headphone and Output jacks.  Refurbishing these jacks is a common job that can be done pretty quickly as long as parts are available

Keyboard Won’t Power On

Keyboards with power issues might be suffering from damaged power supplies due to failure or power surge.  Diagnosing the cause of the power failure is dangerous and misdiagnosis can cause further damage

Keyboard Functionality Issues

Keyboards like all modern digital instruments can suffer from main board or software failure.  If the keyboard isn’t working like it’s supposed to, we might need to replace the internal components or change the firmware/software

Liquid Damage

Carelessness or humid production environments can lead to board damage. We would need to disassemble the keyboard and clean all of the contacts, replace damaged components, and check for short circuits


Keyboard Repair

We repair keyboards for many of LA’s most influential music professionals, and we always have time to accommodate your needs.  Audio keyboards are composed of many moving parts including the keys, butons, faders, and tact switches.  In addition to the moving parts, they have many complicated components like the main PCB, digital processors, and vacuum tubes.  For many, the keyboard is the most expensive component of the studio set up and requires a unique maintenance schedule.

We Repair All brands of Musical Keyboards, Synthesizers, & Workstations