House of Worship

Projector, Audio, and Video Repairs

A/V Repairs for Churches

Digitron Electronics works with many religious organizations including churches, schools, and camps to maintain and repair professional audio visual equipment including projectors, audio equipment like microphones and mixers, and video equipment including Panasonic Pan Tilt Zoom cameras.

Click one of the links below to get more information.

Speakers & Subwoofer Repair

Our Venue Services Team works with both large venue speaker setups, as well as with in studio, high quality reproduction studio monitors. Click here for Speaker Repair

Mixing Board Repair

We’ve repaired mixers of all channel sizes and all makes. We proudly repair mixing boards by Mackie, Soundcraft, Allen & Heath, and Yamaha. Click here for Audio Mixer Repair

Stage Lighting Repair

Heavy lighting units from Elation, Clay-Pakey, High End Systems, Martin, & other have mechanical and electronic components that go bad with sustained use.  Click here for Stage Light Repair & DMX Repair

Projector Repair

We service High-Lumen/High-Brightness projectors from Sanyo, Panasonic, Eiki, and more.  Click here for Projector Repair

Power Amplifier Repair

We repair all brands of power amplifiers used by passive speakers including Mackie, Crest, & QSC. Click here for Power Amp Repair  

PTZ Camcorder Repair

Click here for Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Repair. Click here for Panasonic Camcorder Repair. Click here for Sony Camcorder Repair

Microphone Repair

Microphones are a sensitive piece of equipment that need constant care and maintenance. If your mic is having problems, feel free to bring it in for an estimate.

Receiver Repair

For rooms running standard home theater receivers, we service those units too.  Click here for Home Theater Receiver Repair