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Canon C300 Repairs

By Camera Repairs, Video Repairs

The C300 Camera

Throughout the 20th century, Canon cameras have been a dominant player in the SLR industry. In the 21st century, Canon introduced its line of DSLRs, and with the Canon 5D Mark I, became a surprise contender in the sub ten thousand dollar video camera space. Their size, interchangeable lenses, and affordability have made them increasingly popular with the newest generation of videographers, cinematographers, video bloggers, and enthusiasts. This success has led to the creation of a dedicated line of video cameras by Canon, including the C100, C300, and C500 cameras.

Known Issues with the C300

Despite the build quality, the C series cameras suffer from some known issues including dust on the ND filter, HDMI Output issues, and sensor failure. We have also noticed that these cameras suffer more physical abuse than most other cameras due to their compact size. Digitron Electronics handles C300 Repairs. For out of warranty C300 Repairs, we charge $90/hr for labor and provide a free estimate. Whether you require C300 Cleaning, C300 Repair, or C300 Maintenance, our engineers are well-equipped and prepared to help.

About Digitron Electronics

Our repair work is fast and accurate and to this end, we are the preferred repairer of choice for a number of companies, such as Sony Professional, Panasonic Broadcast, Fox Sports, Teac, Pro-HD Rentals and Walt Disney Animation. In addition to Canon repair, we offer repairs to a number of other professional video gear, including Panasonic, Sony, and JVC camcorders, recording decks, video mixers, and switchers. Our professional video repairs services include studio cameras, DVCPro and DVCam, Mini DV camcorders and editing VTRs, while our audio repairs services cover equipment such as mixing consoles, power amps and open reels, to name a few. Allow Digitron Electronics to be your first choice in Canon repair, and enjoy the benefits of dealing with a professional in audio and video repair that has raised the bar for other audio and video repair companies.