Broadcast & Media Server Repair

We Repair Switchers, Scalers, Video Mixers, Media Servers, & Other Broadcast Equipment

We Repair Switchers, Scalers, Video Mixers, Media Servers, & Other Broadcast Equipment

We can refurbish your Broadcast & Media Presentation equipment to its full functionality and restore it to its factory specs.  Based on our experience, this type of equipment can suffer from power issues, output issues, mechanical issues, image discoloration.  We are a high volume service center for Panasonic, Sony, Barco, & Martin.  We also repair AJA, Blackmagic, Grass Valley, & Analog Way systems.  We only recommend service on mid-range and high-range equipment.  We especially recommend repair for 4k resolution & higher equipment, as these units are very expensive to replace and are built to last.

Some repairs will be too expensive according to the manufacturer, we have ways to acquire parts for significantly less, taking down the cost of camcorder repair.

Factory Service

We work with both Panasonic and Sony as a repairs subcontractor.  Because of our relationships, we have access to service manuals, parts, and diagnostic equipment that the other guys don’t.  No one in the US repairs more Sony Pro and Panasonic Pro equipment than we do.

Your Equipment Needs Maintenance!

Rental gear used for event production can suffer from drops, spills, & dust.  These can all lead to long term damage to the internal power supplies and assorted PC Boards.  Mechanical issues like broken buttons can also prevent full functionality of the equipment.

Institutional Relationships

We frequently work with universities, colleges, school districts, non-profits, churches, and other corporate entities to do large cleaning and refurbishment projects.

No Output

The most common issue with broadcast equipment is No Output.  There are a number of issues that could be causing this.  The Barco DCS 100 & DCS 200 are popular switcher/scaler units that commonly suffer from No Output.  If there is power to the unit, but no output from one or all outputs, we can service your unit to full functionality.

Specks, Lines, and Dark Spots

Bad internal or external connections can cause issues on the image leading to spots, lines, or noise.

Unit Won’t Power On & Or Shuts Down Immediately

If your broadcast equipment won’t power on, boot up all the way, or shuts down unexpectedly, you could be having one of many power issues, Hard Disk Failures, or other problems.

No Inputs Recognized

Similiar to the issues with no output, this could be caused by a bad connector, malfunctioning PC Board, or Power Supply.

Failed Firmware Upgrade

Sometimes, users will find total hardware failure after a firmware or software upgrade.  We can usually recover the functionality of your unit for a lot less than what the manufacturer would charge.

Broken Buttons, Mechanical Failure, & Broken Connectors

Broadcast equipment can break, especially if it is part of a rental kit or on tour.  We can quickly rig a fix to restore the functionality of buttons, levers, and connectors.

Brands We Repair

We repair Switchers, Servers, Scalers, & Other broadcast equipment from Sony, Panasonic, Barco, Martin, BlackMagic, AJA, & Grass Valley.  We have been able to successfully troubleshoot tough to find gear like the Barco DCS & Martin Maxedia servers.