Panasonic Broadcast Repairs Depot for Camcorders, VTRs, and Projectors


Our relationship with Panasonic Broadcast Division started in 1998 when we became an Authorized Service Center for DAT machines and RAMSA mixing consoles.  One thing led to another, and Panasonic Broadcast began outsourcing DVCPRO VTR decks and Camcorders to us for repair.  With their support, our technicians and engineers gained competency across all Panasonic Broadcast Products including the industry-leading projectors and AW series PTZ systems.  Our technicians are trained by Panasonic at their factory in Yokohama, Japan.


Servicing Industry Leading Broadcast Equipment

Panasonic Broadcast and Professional products have been a long standing leader in broadcast production environments.  From their camcorder (AG models) and PTZ camera systems (AW models), Panasonic sells well.  Since their introduction of DVCPRO and their ground-breaking AG-DVX100 Prosumer camcorders, Panasonic has shared the professional broadcast market with Sony Professional.

With their purchase of Sanyo in 2012, Panasonic has taken the torch in industry best conference room and professional series projectors.  Panasonic’s integration of the Sanyo projector lines has strengthened their overall offering, and with the pleasure of being Panasonic’s only Independent Authorized Service Center for professional products like projectors, camcorders, and PTZ systems, we have to say we love their products and their commitment to support them.

We help Broadcast Professionals repair Panasonic Camcorders, Projectors, VTRs, and PTZ systems

We help Broadcast Professionals repair Panasonic Camcorders, Projectors, VTRs, and PTZ systems

How We Help

As an Authorized Service Center for Panasonic Professional Products like Camcorders, PTZ Camera Systems, and Projectors, we reduce the product repair stress on Panasonic HQ.  We also assist Panasonic by functioning as an outsourced repairs depot, helping reduce the cost of labor and minimize headcount requirements.