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Who Repairs Sanyo Projectors Now That Sanyo was acquired?

By October 29, 2014April 26th, 2016Projectors

Who Repairs Sanyo Projectors Since Sanyo was acquired?

Sanyo PLC Projector Repair


Is Sanyo Out of Business?

For years, Sanyo have been a dominant player in the high-lumens projector category. In 2010, Panasonic finalized its purchase of Sanyo, leaving many Sanyo Projector owners confused regarding warranty, service, and support issues.

We are an Authorized Sanyo Projector Repair Center

As a result of the acquisition, Sanyo Projector service requests are now handled by Panasonic Authorized Service centers. We are authorized to service all Sanyo PLC, Sanyo PDG, and Sanyo PDV Models including the PLC-HF10000L and PLC-XF46 under warranty for preventative maintenance, bulb replacement, color management issues, and more.  Sanyo units last shipped with 3 year warranties, and we service those units that are no longer under warranty.

Why you absolutely should service, maintain, and repair your Sanyo Projector

With low end projector models, it’s easy to say let’s buy a new one, instead of repairing an old one.  But in today’s world, it’s simple, high-lumen high-brightness projectors still cost the big bucks.  The 15,000 lumen PLC-HF15000L cost $22,000 new, the older PLC-XF45 cost nearly $15,000.  While older models might not be HD or might not have the latest HDMI inputs, they still offer the best in class image brightness, which is usually what matters for classrooms, churches, and businesses.

Why choose Digitron Electronics to service your Sanyo Projector?

No one services more Sanyo projectors than we do, plain and simple.  We use authentic Sanyo parts, we offer quick turn-arounds, and our experience with these projectors means more accurate repairs on popular large body Sanyo projectors like the PLC-XF40, PLC-XF45, PLC-XF46, PLC XF-47, PLC XF-70, PLC-HF-10000, and the PLC-HF-15000.

More organizations choose us to refurbish their projector inventories than anyone else.  In 2013, we refurbished 127 Sanyo projectors for the University of Southern California (USC) and in 2014, we did a project for the City of Los Angeles, handling over 30 high-lumen Sanyo projectors.

About Digitron Electronics

Digitron Electronics is a consolidated A/V Repair Services firm. We help consolidate A/V Repairs for Event Production Companies, Corporate Entities, Schools, and Broadcasters.

As an authorized service center for 62 different manufacturers including Panasonic, JBL, and Mackie, our team of engineers is trained to work on Projectors, High-End Video Camcorders, Lighting, and Mixing Boards, among other miscellaneous A/V equipment. We help production companies save time and money by consolidating all repairs in one convenient location with a net 30 account and free pick up/delivery for large orders.