Pro Speaker Repair

Authorized Service for Mackie, JBL, QSC, and more

Live DJ and Concert Speaker Repair

Digitron Electronics is an authorized service center for all major brands of loud speaker and subwoofer repair.  We work with both passive and powered speakers and subwoofers, replacing blown drivers, bad amplifiers, and blown horns.  We repair only professional units both in and out of warranty.

Speaker Power Won’t Turn On

Powered speakers and subwoofers that fail to power on are suffering from blown fuses or completely blown amplifier units

Noisy or Blown Speaker

Overloading channels can cause distortion and sound quality degradation over time, with one or more damaged drivers. Crackling, static, noisy, or blown speakers need to be replaced

Damaged Speaker Input Jacks

Users can accidentally damage the input jacks, especially by plugging a hot lead from an amplifier, or by jamming a cable where it doesn’t fit.  This component, usually known as the interface is a common point of repair

Water Damaged Speaker

Carelessness or humid production environments can lead to amplifier damage or corroded input jacks

Speaker Brands that we Repair

We repair QSC, JBL, Peavey, and Mackie as a warranty service center.  We also service KRK, Cerwin-Vega, and other professional brands out of warranty.

Los Angeles Speaker Repair & Subwoofer Repair

Blown speakers and subwoofers can be aggravating to night-club owners, event-production companies, and even DJ’s.  We offer quick turnaround times and free pick-up/delivery for our institutional customers

Tour Sound and Speaker Array Repair

We work with production companies to repair festival sound systems such as the JBL VRX, VTX, VerTec, and VP series speakers.  From QSC we service the popular Wideline series, in addition to their whole line of passive and active speakers

Cinema Sound Repair

Cinematic and IMAX experiences are only as good as the speakers they play on.  Blown or malfunctioning speakers can damage the movie experience

We Repair All Professional Concert & Studio Speakers








Cerwin Vega



JBL VTX and VRX Array Repair