Sony Camcorder Repair


We first started working with Sony Professional Solutions in the 90’s repairing DAT machines used in studio mastering.

Our relationship evolved into an outsourced repairs depot for Sony Broadcast equipment including PMW series camcorders, decks, and more.

Our relationship with Sony’s department allows us unique access to parts, tools, and repair resources.


Outsourced Repairs Depot for Broadcast Products

When Sony Professional Solutions needed a scale-able resource to help repair broadcast equipment, they called us to support their service staff.  We provide the manpower that supports Sony’s national service center for camcorders, including the Alpha Series cameras, PMW series camcorders, and professional VTR’s and Decks

Sony EX1 Repair

How Did We Help?

Rather than hire new technicians with uncertainty in workflow, Sony relies on us to provide the labor on camcorder repairs, calibration, and realignment.