Home Theater Receiver Repair

Home Theater Receiver//Amplifier Repair

Home Theater Receivers are complex amplifiers with many PCB components.  Digitron Electronics is a service center for many different brands of home theater amplifiers including Yamaha, Onkyo, and Denon, as well as for many vintage receivers by Kenwood, Sherwood, & Sansui 

Won’t Turn On

Power amplifiers have one job, to amplify signal with power.  Any power failure or power surge can cause the unit to go into protect mode which will protect internal components but prevent the unit from turning on. In order to function correctly, we would need to replace the short circuit or bad component that is causing the unit to go into protect mode

Blown & Noisy Channels

Overloading channels can cause distortion and signal degradation over time.  Most users move on to the next channel or input when one goes bad, but when you’ve run out of functional channels, its time to get the receiver serviced

Damaged Input/Output Jacks

Damaged jacks or bad PCB boards can prevent the receiver from passing the signal through either the speaker or HDMI jacks.  Check that the cause of the issue is not your other devices by testing the inputs with your laptop or dvd players.  If you can pass signal using another device, then the receiver is usually functioning correctly.  Keep in mind that sometimes, HDMI cables could prevent the unit from working correctly

Replace Broken Knobs

Broken knobs from physical damage or overuse are a common issue and easy to replace

Receiver Doesn’t Function Correctly

Modern home theater receivers are very complex units that combine many functions into one unit including display processors, sound amplifiers, power supplies, pre-amplifiers, and digital sound processors.  Failure in any one of these components will cause the board to go into protect mode, which will prevent the unit from turning on

Tube and Capacitor Replacement

Older home theater amplifiers such as those by Kenwood, Mcintosh, Marantz, and Sansui have many analog components including vacuum tubes and capacitors that need to be refurbished and maintained.  These amplifiers sound beautiful and brilliant in a way that modern digital amplifiers can’t recreate.  We are one of the last remaining service centers able to refurbish these antique and vintage recievers


Los Angeles Home Theater Reciever Repair

Home Theater Recievers are basically full-featured power amplifiers.  Digitron Electronics is an authorized service center for many manufacturers and we repair home theater receiver/amplifier units made by Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon, and many more

Onkyo Receiver Repair