Corporate and Social Responsibility

We Believe in Environmental Sustainability and E-Waste Reduction

The emergence of cheap electronics has lead to a one-time use attitude towards electronics, leading to high-levels of e-waste in our landfills.  E-Waste, when improperly disposed, leads to an increase in toxic chemicals in our soil and atmosphere.  Toxins like silicone, lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic leach into the soil and ground water, with lasting effects on our environment.  In an article by the Guardian, nearly 50 million tons of e-waste was generated worldwide, or approximately 7 kilograms of E-Waste per person on earth.

Convincing Manufacturers to do their Part

Many devices are analogous to their predecessors – audio recorders, projectors, and even camcorders have many components that are similar and can be either upgraded or repaired.  But manufacturers choose to encourage consumers to purchase newer and ‘updated’ models of what is usually a similar product. The broken product ends up in a landfill and the manufacturer perpetuates a loop where they sell new product instead of servicing older product.  Some manufacturers today will even instruct customers to destroy their old broken units, then ship them a new replacement unit.  These broken units often end up in the landfill due to improper disposal by end-users.

You can encourage manufacturers with sustainable business practices by purchasing their product, or you can have your older products repaired instead of purchasing new ones.

How We Help Reduce E-Waste

In order to reduce e-waste, our team encourages customers to repair their products whenever they can.  Whenever possible, we acquire parts from sustainable sources.

Supporting Local Communities

When we have excess or unwanted units, we donate this equipment to local schools to support and foster the music and film talents of young children.  If you are interested in donating your old or broken equipment to a local school, please contact us.