Martin Lighting Authorized Service

The West Coast's Authorized Martin Light & DMX Repair Facility

Martin Lighting Repair // DMX Repair

Digitron Electronics is an authorized service center for Martin Lights & DMX systems.  Our technicians were trained by Martin to work on systems like the M1, M2, Mac 250, Mac 350, Mac 500, Mac 2000, Krypton, Viper, Mac Aura & Rush Systems.  We also repair exterior & architectural lights by Martin.  We handle both Warranty & Out of Warranty Repairs

Mechanical Failure

There are many mechanical parts in moving head stage lighting.  Models like the Martin’s Rush MH1 or Mac 500 are prone to breakdown if not properly maintained leading to sticky or restricted movement.  We can replace and repair gears, motors, and moving heads in stage lights

Doesn’t Function Correctly

DMX controlled lights and DMX controllers can suffer from PC Board failure, leading to power issues, control issues, or irregularities like intermittent failure

Damaged Input Jacks

Production company employees in a rush can accidentally damage the DMX input jacks.  Known as the interface, replacing one of these is a pretty common job and will fix any communication issues between the lights and controllers

Unit Won’t Power On

Power surges or overloading the DMX controllers and lights can lead to a failure in either the power supply or power ballast, preventing the unit from powering on, or leading to intermittent power failure

Dim Bulb or No Bulb

Light sources on the stage light units can go bad over time, and need to be replaced according to factory specifications.  Using the wrong power rating on some units can damage the whole unit.  Ignitor and bulb may need to be replaced

Authorized Martin Service Center

Our technicians are professionals trained by Martin Lighting.  We can cover both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs.


Los Angeles Martin Repair

We work with the major production companies and rental houses in Los Angeles to keep equipment in top shape. In Warranty & Out of Warranty, our ability to service stage lighting, dj lighting, and light controllers compliments are suite of repair services, and we provide from pickup/deliver for bulk repair orders.  Our experience, coupled with our parts relationships creates a unique opportunity to save money on your equipment repair and maintenance.


We Repair All Kinds of Lights, Effects, & Consoles

Mac Aura

Mac 250

Mac 350

Mac 500

Mac 2000

Fog Machines




M1, M2, M-Touch

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