Canon SLR Repair

Professional EOS Repair & Cleaning

Canon SLR Body Repair

We repair all Canon EOS SLR’s including the EOS 5D Mark i, Markii, & Mark iii, the 6D, the 7D, and all of the 1D models including the 1DC & 1DX models.

Sensor Replacement

If your Canon EOS SLR is experiencing discoloration, distortion, or bad pixels, it’s likely that the SLR has been damaged, possibly due to laser exposure or impact

Main Board Replacement

Sometimes, complex errors such as Err 99 indicate main board failure which necessitates replacement

Shutter Replacement

As the most critical mechanical part in your SLR camera, the shutter is the most likely component to fail. We can quickly replace the shutter on your 1D, 5D, 6D, or 7D SLR

LCD Failure

The LCD panel can suffer from discoloration, bad pixels, or shock damage. The LCD is one of the most common repairs our team handles on these specific cameras

Flash or Battery Failure

Power issues can have numerous causes eventually causing problems with the internal flash or the external flash interface. Whether its your pop-up flash, or the whole camera, a power failure shouldn’t compromise your whole camera

Damage to the CF Card Reader

Compact Flash cards are notorious for causing bent pins and damaging CF card cages. A bent CF Reader pin can render your Canon EOS camera useless


Los Angeles Canon EOS Cleaning

We offer a quick turnaround cleaning on Canon EOS SLR’s for all the photo and film pros in Los Angeles. While most clean just the mirror and sensor, we disassemble the entire unit to clean the PCB. This prevantive maintenance is critical to equipment longevity, and we highly suggest routine maintenance, especially after shooting in challenging conditions like the beach or at a music festival like Coachella.

Canon EOS Cleaning Los Angeles